About us

Exavo GmbH is a software company and a supplier of extensive services around online research. Exavo is based in Nuremberg, Germany and has a large number of clients in Germany and in Europe.

Our clients range from global multi-national corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany and abroad.

Founder and CEO Roland Stief has started working in the field of online research as early as 1998 and has 12 years experience designing and developing client-server and web environment applications.

Why us

When you work with Exavo, you work with a partner - one who understands your business, is flexible and responsive to your needs. For us, there's nothing more exciting than meeting our clients challenges on a daily basis.

Our Team

The difference in Exavo has a lot to do with our team.

Our team is made up of individuals with many years of experience in the areas of information technology, online and desktop software applications development and research methods.

We apply creative, out-of-the-box thinking to client challenges and exult at being able to meet tight deadlines with outstanding results.

Continuous development

Our vision is to provide our clients with market research and data collection solutions through an open and transparent relationship, aimed at achieving common goals and establishing long-lasting co-operations.

Exavo's strategy is to understand the needs of our clients and help them to identify the best solutions, in the perspective of an optimal cost-benefit ratio.


Phone: +49 9129 905885

We can make almost any request a reality. Exavo has programmed everything from simply surveys to extremely complex surveys.